Glass Windows

Glass Windows

Glass windows – the concept is easy to understand.  Glass windows have been standard fixtures in homes, churches, and other buildings for centuries.  What purpose do they serve?  They allow us to look outside and inside.  Glass windows let in light, they let in air, and they keep out rain, wind, and snow.  Glass windows also control the amount of sunlight that comes into the house and they offer a sense of security.  We have accepted glass windows as such a necessity in our lives, we take them for granted.  And as it goes with things we take for granted, we forget the critical value they provide to our quality of life.
But are glass windows really that simple?

The fact is, windows are quite complex.  They incorporate many features that must efficiently work together in order for us to enjoy them:


  • Inside Stops
  • Outside Sashes
  • Jambs
  • Interior Trims
  • Sills
  • Inside Sashes
  • Exterior Trims
  • Parting Beads
  • Frames
  • Weatherstripping
  • Screens
  • And more

Unfortunately, there are some ugly truths about glass windows.  For one, glass windows break easily.  That’s no secret.  Anyone who knows kids, knows that basic fact.  But glass windows are also bad at conserving energy.

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