Your Dream Project

Your Dream Project

Like many homeowners this time of year, you may notice that Mother Nature or even normal wear and tear have taken their toll on your home recently.  With that in mind, there has never been a better time for you to spruce-up things around your house or hire that professional remodeler for that special project that you have always dreamed of.  As you may have heard, interest rates will be rising soon and if you are considering a home project that will require financing; you may save yourself thousands of dollars in interest by proceeding with your project now, rather than waiting until a later date.


If you have decided that this is the year for that special project and aren’t really sure who to call, here is some useful advice to help you select the right professional remodeler for your dream project:

1. Contact The Greater Houston Builders Association Remodelors Council at or the Houston chapter of The National Association of the Remodeling Industry at to obtain lists of professional remodelers that serve your area.

2. Although the Better Business Bureau states that homeowners reduce their potential risk by dealing with members of either of the two aforementioned organizations, I still recommend scrubbing your list of potential candidates for unresolved complaints at and contact those companies that have no unresolved complaints to bid. (The A Team.)

3.   Ensure that you have a clear vision of your end result for this project and
convey this result to each company that you allow to submit a bid.  When
conducting interviews to hire, note that any communication problems between
a contractor and you this early in the game could signal a possible personality

4. If a design is needed for your project, I recommend utilizing the services of a
design/build firm. This ensures that all parties are on the same page with regard to your vision and can save you money on change orders.  Be sure that the design plans are stamped by an architect and if loads are redistributed, an engineer as well.  Be prepared to pay for the design services but note that this service is sometimes subtracted from your final payment if the same company performs both the design and build services for your project.

5. Once you have awarded your business to a contractor, get all details in a written contract including:  anticipated start and completion dates, price with any notations with regard to material allowances, and that it contains a list of items not included if applicable.  Your contractor and you must sign all change orders before making any changes to the project.

6. Be patient and remember this is a major project and often times little snags will and do happen.  When it is all said and done, you will find that any snags during this entire process were no more than….. well, just snags.  You now have that project that you have always dreamed of and that project is your dream come true.

Bob Birner

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